About Us

Hollow Point 9, as they’ve come to call themselves, was formed between a group of three musician/ songwriters from Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls, WI.  Introductions were likely made during an open mic somewhere or a showing of a local band in a scene appreciated strongly by however few who weren’t sucked into the hype of the yuppie bars about the towns.  They dug originality, making their own path, rather than rolling with the times.  Three local dudes, confident in each others’ creative abilities, developed a chemistry necessary to make things happen with their creations.  They looked to make progress in a society that places high demands upon them, while fighting to maintain that youthful ambition unlikely to die with age.  So, they joined forces, and put together an arsenal of material.  They began doing shows as a three piece acoustic rock band.  Months went by in the early stages of their development as they searched for that missing puzzle piece.  They needed the man with the beat—the heartbeat of the whole thing.  After persistent inquiry, the soft spoken brother of one of them, joined the cause.  He was known to thrash on a drum set, and this was exactly what they needed to reach new heights.  Sweet melodic acoustic sounds combined perfectly with a lust for a heavy hitting element.  The namesake was now truly spoken for.  Hollow Point 9 incorporates a full-on electric setup that compliments their solid acoustic sound.  They’re here to make their voice as a band heard however far that sound may travel.  They welcome you to be a part of their story as they blaze a trail littered with crazy twists and turns.  Let’s rock out and party!!